The Haunted Church Paranormal Museum

Get your museum tickets! Click link below and be ready for a wild evening! For private appointments or for Scry Master call 475-283-8514

A sneak peek of our documentary on the ghosts and paranormal of the valley in Connecticut!!!

Shes Alive!!!

Notice in the photos above the light in the palm of my hand…. Notice the discoloration… In the duplicate photo next to it I put it in black and white so you can see its an actual phantom light. Being psychic is not an easy life, but pretty damn cool…

Poltergeist In The Asylum! Check out video bellow!!

“Nocturnal Nights”

Above is Dudley Town in the early mourning hours about 2:00 am. There are at least 7 spirit orbs watching us so we snapped a photo and bam!!!

A successful investigation with real ghosts!

Our over night stay at The “Twisted Vine Restaurant” part 1 … Click youtube link below!!

RIP Loraine Warren… You will be missed. We got asked by CT Post to comment on her passing….


Nicholas Robert Grossmann
Clairvoyant,Artist And Explorer

Nicholas Robert Grossmann grew up harassed by entities. It was traumatizing and little did he know that he had the power to neutralize himself. He was a loner but was never alone do to energies being naturally attracted to him. He is clairvoyant and can even astral project himself. He communicates with spirits and has learned to coexist with spirits by spirit cleansing and establishing respect.

Anthony Depietro. Clairvoyant,Woodsman and Spirit intuitive

Anthony has lived a long journey into the paranormal abyss. He often notices metaphysical changes in the atmosphere when in a paranormal situation. He is a woodsman and finds his spiritual balance in nature. He is clairvoyant and often gets photos of ghost activity just about every time. Anthony is almost never afraid of anything.

Philosopher,clairvoyant and explorer
Peter Cerow

Peter Cerow has been interested in the unknown and paranormal his whole life… As a clairvoyant he feels pressure on his temple and is able to pick up frequencies from spirits.. He saw a blue flame randomly light up and spotted a glowing orb in Dudley Town..He is dedicated to proving the paranormal…. Peter has a bachelor’s in philosophy and he also knows good sound knowledge of the spirit realm …. in a new tab)

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

In the photos bellow is a morgue. I just had to lay down in the cold bed of the body fridge. Good night!!!

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