The Cosmic Motherboard

All of us have met people, places and things in which have made impressions on our live. For example a tree branch simply could have made an impression and triggered a thought which became a reality. I had a dream that I was looking at a tree and heard a voice saying “that tree has seen everything”…The littlest word someone says or even as tiny as the twitch of an individual’s nose can make a giant impact in one’s existence. This is because we are all connected. All of us in the parallel shade are connected and our psyches are infused together and attached to what I like to say is a Cosmic Mother Board which you can call The universe, god ,or any other power higher. People often say god speaks threw us and this is the beauty of (The Cosmic mother Board) and how we are all linked and connected to this power greater then ourselves. Let’s say someone goes hiking in the forest and looks at a leaf and decides to take a job offer and change careers. That leaf has played a big role in this persons thinking and was life changing or someone gives you advice that is life changing and it can be the littlest thing that changes your life. This is all connections of the Cosmic mother Board and how life works in this theory of reality. If you think negative then you will get a negative path which is rather dark and if you think of the positive then you will attract light and positive people and other life changers…Good luck on your journey…

Essay By Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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