The Castle From Hell

It was in November visiting a friend in upstate NY. We decided to go to this castle and this particular castle was once a retreat for the wealthy but later transformed into an asylum. I believe it goes back to the 1920’s ?? We went to the dinner in this country like town. They didn’t seem to like out of towners. We obviously weren’t wanted there to begin with. It was a quiet town. Very quiet with an occasional back woods looking person walking around.We sat and ate a meal. Before doing paranormal expeditions I like to eat. I eat so I can ground myself….

We parked blocks away and walked. Now I’m a punk rocker and I’m sure the locals never seen one of us before and I’m basically from the outskirts of NYC which is Norwalk CT aka ” The Wack”. So as we walked down the street people were staring at us. Kind of like a typical horror movie type of vibe…. It was bizarre….. We google mapped how to get into the woods without being seen and we succeeded at that. There was a cliff like hill covered with fall leaves that we basically slid down. It was a tough hill, so vertical it was borderline cliff like but we had to go down. I remember using the autumn leaves to slide with my right foot out and I slid down. We then found the trail. The trail to hell!! We walked the trail and came to our destination…..

We proceeded to go inside and it had a fresh asbestos smell in the air. Nothing will wake you up like the aroma of fresh asbestos. Of course we go in the basement first. We see a ton of spirit energy zooming around. There were cots in the basement that they must of used for over filling this asylum with patients. It was so dark. The energy was heavy. I felt a wight on my chest. My vision then started getting murky as my clairvoyance kicked in and at that moment we proceeded upstairs. My friend and his wife came and she was so scared that they stayed on the second floor and wouldn’t come up to go exploring. She had clairvoyance as well. You know its bad when a clairvoyant person is afraid because their used to seeing energy’s all the time! We were hearing chains and doors slamming but we came a long way and weren’t about to bail. This place was dangerous and in ruins. On the second floor you had to stay against the wall or you may fall threw the floor because It was that much of a wreck to begin with……

I then asked for a sign.. Seconds later doors started slamming. Honestly we bit of more then we can chew and as much experience I had as an explorer some paranormal places are just not worth it and this one was one of them “Demonic”!! I look down the hall about a hundred feet and see on the wall what looks to be a portal. It was the color grey and it was miserable looking. It looked to have human shaped body’s as if they were glued to it. More doors start slamming and I felt the spirit hit me so we started too run. The damn ghost punched me!! I said ” Book book book!!” I always say “Book!” when running from demonic entities or security. We ran and the spirits almost pushed us off the stairs. It was definitely one of the most potent places I’ve ever been. I’ll never forget The Castle Of Hell…..

Essay By Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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