A Glitch In The Shade

The dharma body can never understand why.. This is because the dharma body is expressionism and the material body is to be in 3 dimension while the dharma body is in between the 3rd
dimension and forth dimension. When this frequency gets disrupted it creates illness.. That is why spirituality combined with modern medicines is the key to wellness. A Schizophrenic person is always stuck in-between these two realms and maybe that means a person who suffers  from bipolar disorder is in 3rd dimension 80 percent of the time and is pulled slightly towards the forth which would cause mania where as the schizophrenic sufferer is always in between 3 and 4 permanently.. The treatment is spiritual grounding therapy…

Your insomnia is sleep paralysis… In the night energy’s are attracted to you more as your energy field begins to open and be more receptive… In sleep  paralysis is the point where you are crossing into the paranormal plane.. It’s psychic and you can then contact spirits. Ghost manifestations use a similar method. There’s is a reverse paralysis that uses your energy. It’s when your sleep paralysis meets the reverse spirit paralysis is the moment you can actually make contact with the entities.
Perception is limited. The mind balances the intensity of perception as a shield so the being won’t get overwhelmed..There’s more that beats the eye. Schizophrenic victims are a prime example of a perception issue. They can see detail. It’s like as if they look through life on a more amplified scale. Because of this it overwhelms their minds making time distorted and its too much detail for the brain to process.
It’s when the subject is more venerable and gets pulled slightly out if the realm and into the spirit world. It’s then the subject experiences mania. It’s a metaphysical glitch.. it’s math getting out if wack. There is no chemical imbalance but a metaphysical imbalance. This metaphysical imbalance enhances the brains nephropathy. The glitch is when one part of the brain is working twice as hard as it should and the other part of the brain wont function in its normal speed.That is why victims of metaphysical illnesses usually are geniuses in art, math and music but struggle with everyday life…. The key is balance!!!!!

Essay By Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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