History Of Lies On Voodoo,Santeria and Shamanism.. Lies Of The Media….

I was fortunate to experience the Pagan religions of the underground community’s in cities like Bridgeport CT. I remember going to a voodoo ritual and my mind was blown.. I was fascinated by the priest as his personality and his face almost changed to a different being. I didn’t participate in the ritual but I observed and stood off to the side as I watched the rum and cigar smoking spirit possess this man I personally knew. I’ll never forget the smell of the alcohol in the room as the voodoo priest tried to heal a follower of their temple…

I was impressed by the passion of the worshipers of this faith. I believe what I saw was real. I believe this spirit healed this man. The alcohol was an offering and the cigar smoke was used almost as an incense (at least that’s the impression I got). There was also a statue with a piece of cake and a 20.00 $ bill in front of it (offerings).

I met a high priest of the faith Santeria. I remember walking in his home and walking past a room filled with statues of catholic saints and at least 100 candles. He was a healer and although I never been to his temple of worship I thought this was an okay kind of guy with a nice big family and they were very generous to me.. These were good people who treated me as I was a member of their family. Worshiping deities they made saints Gods and Goddesses so Santeria has Catholic roots. People in these communities are actually very nice people and are all for helping sick people more then causing any harm…. As a matter of fact I believe that the practitioners of these arts who do it to harm are a very tiny percentage of the community. When one uses Voodoo or Santeria for harm they are not healers but they are sorcerers. Sorcery is when you conjure spirit energy to carry out bad deeds. 90 percent of this community is for good intent but its that 10 percent who do it as acts of revenge.

It’s the media that gives these high priests or shamans a bad reputation. Whenever sharing about voodoo or shamanism or any art form in that nature will always share negatively.. You hear it on the local news how chickens sacrificed ended up at someone’s home. Very rarely do you hear about this happening but when it actually does happen the media blows it out of proportion. You will almost never hear the positive things these community’s do. They use this for healing!!! They heal their people!!! It’s very rare for these practitioners to send spirit’s to curse you… Reality in this subject is not like the movie “The Serpent And The Rainbow” (even though I love the movie)…..

I wandered in Bridgeport and found this great gem on East Main Street!! If you are fooled by the medias lies and believe this is a dark art I suggest you go see it for yourself! The lady in this store is a sweet heart. Her store is truly fascinating! There are all sorts of cool neat things in there. These photos I’ve taken serve no justice to how awesome this store is. Go down there and see for yourself that this owner is actually a person for love and not harm. The media is wrong. This art is mostly bright and very rarely is dark. Now I will say I am a Christian Mystic and voodoo and shamanism are not my faith but my point to this blog is to bring to light of the people of these community’s and not go by what the media makes them out to be.

Essay by Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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