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Geometry of the Soul.

Phase 1

Nick Grossmann,Jeff Gerry and Daine Berti started this school for teaching people their alternative approach to ghost hunting. The course is expected to provide hands on instruction in evidence collection and review, as well as methodology on performing a thorough and non biased investigation. We will also be teaching the right way to use crystals and minerals. This portion of the course also teaches first hand use of paranormal equipment and how to use it appropriately. Students and participants will be invited on actual field trips to go on investigations as part of the class experience, after completing core lessons detailing with essential safety and strategy.

Introduction to paranormal investigation – – structure of a case, from advertising to revealing evidence – ethics in dealing with a client – when is the right time to walk away – debunking without dismissing claims – key questions in an initial client interview – tools to help clients help themselves – where what and why to research the case 2) Fundamentals – safety and common sense – basic equipment and how to use it – experimental divination and communication methods – household and everyday items that can be used to investigate – evidence review basics; and taking precautions to make sure you remain the owner of the evidence you capture – dealing with a negative entity (this may belong in a different unit, not sure yet) $45 intro price per ticket $100 for 3 unit pack $55 when advanced courses begin Original rates locked in for return members Cursed Connecticut – parapsychology lecture series Nightmares of the northeast –

Phase 2

In this portion of the seminar we will be teaching different psychic techniques for communicating with spirits,how to spirit cleanse and perform our shamanic style of exorcism. We will go thru the essential ways of holding a proper seance and also how too scry. Scrying is a mystical art where one holds a candle to a mirror or crystal ball. This usually opens a portal too the spirit realm. Phase 2 will also provide knowledge on capturing ghosts on film as well as how to tell apart a light effect from an actual entity. Also students will be trained in video software called “Filmore” so they have the skill to create their own videos.

Introduction Phase 2,How to film a ghost and tell apart an effect from a real entity,how to use Fillmore video software,how to photograph a spirit, How to channel energy thru your palms,how to get a spirit orb to land on your hand, lesson on different parts of the body that are spirit radars, how to use a scrying mirror, how to perform hypnosis on a client,How to open your third eye, how to use sigils,how to get in a Gnostic state,how to close portals using visualization techniques, how to use a binary meditation system,how to perform a shamanic exorcism,how to cleanse a home.

Jeffery Gerry And Diane Berti
Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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